Advantages Of Franchisee?

- SundayKart will manage and continuous develop online platform.

- SundayKart will manage and continuously develops online platform.

- SundayKart will give to support franchisee marketing promotions.

- Franchisee will get continuous assistance from SundayKart while operating the business.

- SundayKart promotional offers will be applicable to franchisees as well.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will you provide any training to franchisee?

- Yes. SundayKart will provide initial training support after joining and continuous training support as on going basis.

- Refer to training classes conducted by SundayKart.

What are the things covered in initial training support?

- Technical training about SundayKart website & mobile app.

- Sales & Marketing training.

- Handling customers, storeowners and services etc.

What are the things covered in continuous training support?

- How to run business effectively on day-to-day basis.

- Improving for effective market and promotional activities.

When is the training classes are scheduled?

Every month. Reach out SundayKart for next available class.

Any other form of support?

Yes. You can reach out SundayKart and schedule free consultation with SundayKart franchise expert for two half-hour session’s every month.

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Restaurants 89%
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Bakery 60%
Food Courts93%
Vegetables 85%

Frequently Asked Questions



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