Frequently Asked Questions

  Is it necessary to have an account to shop in

You can shop on SundayKart by providing just your email ID & mobile number. While it is not necessary to have an account to shop for and purchase items, it is recommended that you create one. By creating your own Sundaykart account, you can enjoy a personalized shopping experience, including recommendations, Adding favourite stores and a wishlist. You will also be able to rate/review sellers regarding ordered products/items.

  Why do I see different prices for the same item/product?

A product could be listed under different prices. There could be sellers offering you the same product but at a different price. That is the nature of the Flipkart marketplace, where different sellers compete for your order.

  Does SundayKart selling any products/items to the customers?

No. SundayKart is a marketplace where a customer can buy from local stores in their city.

  What are the stores available in

You will find any of the following:Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Sweet Shops, Bakery Items etc. There are few exceptions to the rule for which you may contact us

  Which items can I able to buy in

You can buy any of the following:Groceries, Restaurant Foods, Sweet Items, Bakery Items etc. There are few exceptions to the rule for which you may contact us

  Cash on delivery option is available or not in


  Can I able to purchase items from multiple stores?

Yes, You can.

  Are there any delivery charges?

SundayKart did not charge any deliver charge from the customer. It depends upon store owner.

  How do I know my order is confirmed?

Once your order is confirmed and processed, you will receive a shipment notification via E-mail & SMS. You can also check the current status of your order please log into your account on SundayKarty and go to MY ORDER section.

  How do I check the status of my order?

Visit the MY ORDERS page in your My Account and click on ORDERS to get real time status of your order. There you can see the status of your order (Ex: In Transit, In progress or delivered etc)

  What does the different order status mean?

In Transit: Your Order has been dispatched. Delivered: Your Order has been delivered to the delivery address successfully. Processing: We received your order and we have forwarded to the seller. Transferred: Order has been transferred from ordered seller to another seller.

  What is SundayKart?

It's an online grocery store which is served by your local grocery store.

  How does a customer pay for this service?

It's an absolutely free service for customers.

  Can we register with facebook login?

Yes, You can.

Services Frequently Asked Questions

  What services are available in SundayKart?

Services like electrician, plumber, computer repairs, bike & car mechanics etc

  How can we book a service in SundayKart?

Simple, you can see the available services in your area after log in to SundayKart, there you can book which type of services you want.

  Do we need to pay anything for booking a service?


  Is there any minimum Service charge to pay, if we did not use the booked service?

Yes. You need to pay Rs.100 minimum charge for the service person for attending and addressing the issue.

  The prices will vary or same as showin in SundayKart service store catalogue?

The prices which show in SundayKart are assumed prices for the type of repair. The price will vary depends up on the customer problem.

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