Frequently Asked Questions

- SundayKart will manage and continuous develop online platform.

- The SundayKart will provide required Marketing material.

- Revenue Model.

- Benefit from the SundayKart advertising and promotional campaigns.

- Continuous assistance while operating the business.
SundayKart franchise wellness score is a SundayKart proprietary tool, which will measure the health of franchisee business.

The state of franchisee health is reported as “POOR” or “GOOD” or “EXCELLENT”.

Some of the important key parameter used in the tool to determine the health are successful deliveries out of orders came, joining new customers, stores and services, customer feedback, etc.
Sheet describes the qualities/standards what franchisee needs to maintain. For More details - Click here
Sheet describes, how SundayKart franchisee gets paid for successful operations and delivers. For More details - Click here
- Ability to read and write in English.

- Knowledge in computers, Internet and e-commerce.

- Business acumen.

- Passion to help customers and owning a business.

- Investment.
No franchisees need to pay any amount for registration or maintenance fee for taking SundayKart franchise.
SundayKart franchisee should have minimum of owning a vehicle for delivery, computer, Internet connection, smart phone and etc to run business operations.
- Promotions/marketing SundayKart activities in franchisee area.

- Generating orders.

- Responsible for successful delivery from stores/services to customers.

- Resolve customer problems with stores/services.

- Educate the customer, store/service owners about SundayKart.

- Collecting payments from stores and send to SundayKart.

- Join new customers, stores and services.

- Communicate regularly with SundayKart.
Any order comes to your stores/services in your area; you have to ensure successful delivery.
Franchise Selection
If potential franchisee has good business experience history, he/she can get it.
- Franchisee need to have potential to service the area, he is applying.

- First applied potential franchisee in the given area will be given SundayKart franchise.
No. But, can apply after 3 months, with ‘EXCELLENT” SundayKart franchisee wellness score.
Yes. The expansion of franchise territory will be done only when he has “EXCELLENT” SundayKart franchisee wellness score in his given areas.
If SundayKart franchisee has good SundayKart franchisee wellness score.
- Yes. SundayKart will provide initial training support after joining and continuous training support as on going basis.

- Refer to training classes conducted by SundayKart.
- Technical training about SundayKart website & mobile app.

- Sales & Marketing training.

- Handling customers, storeowners and services etc.
- How to run business effectively on day-to-day basis.

- Improving for effective market and promotional activities.
Every month. Reach out SundayKart for next available class.
Yes. You can reach out SundayKart and schedule free consultation with SundayKart franchise expert for two half-hour session’s every month.
Yes. Refer to SundayKart franchise standards sheet.
Yes. Refer to SundayKart franchise standards sheet.
- Maintain your SundayKart franchisee wellness score to “GOOD” or “EXCELLENT”.

- Attend SundayKart franchisee renewal training class personally.

- Sign updated SundayKart franchise terms and conditions agreements and pricing sheets etc.
- If SundayKart franchisee wellness score goes to “POOR” for three consecutive weeks, it will be terminated.

- If franchisee involve in any illegal activities or create a bad reputation or harm the stakeholders of SundayKart.
- Give one month written notice in advance.

- Submit all the SundayKart documents, materials etc.
Selling Business
- SundayKart will provide estimated value for your business for a service fee.

- SundayKart can provide qualified referral (who is intent to buy your franchisee business) for a service fee.

- If you have a prospective buyer, he needs to be qualified by SundayKart.

- Give written notice of intent of sale.

- Transfer business knowledge to the qualified buyer once approved by SundayKart.
Pricing Structure
Refer to SundayKart franchise price structure sheet.